Accelerated Strategic Growth Planning


We work with you and your organization to identify gaps in your solutions as well as gaps in the market and bring together a focused plan on accelerating growth and innovation.  

Let us help you with creating:

  • New market penetration plans
  • New Business Plans
  • Business Development Planning & Execution
  • Strategic Partnership Growth
  • Board & Investor Presentations

Go-To-Market Planning & Implementation


Need to increase market penetration?  Launching a new solution or a road map?  A key question is what's the proper channel distribution mix for your organization?

Let us help you reach your potential with:

  • New Direct or Indirect Sales Organization?
  • New Channel Partnerships?
  • New Region or Area of the globe?

Once those decisions are made, the implementation strategy is just as important for a strong beginning and continued growth.

Digital Health Innovation


To Innovate or Differentiate?  


While a good idea is a great jumping off point for innovation, real innovation is in the strategy that gets that idea from white board to market. Innovation isn’t always a good idea if it creates costs and risks without a competitive advantage. Sometimes the better option is differentiation – differentiating a current solution, feature or attribute that drives customer preference and influences purchasing decisions. Something that allows clients to create their own experience! 

Most people associate innovation with a “thing” (a “wow” product), but innovation is fundamentally about building a new model for accomplishing something. Innovation can be something that you “see” – new gadget or feature but also something “inside” where the impact can be greater, just less visible. 

We can help guide you with:

  • New product development and differentiation 
  • Market development
  • Distribution models

Executive Customer Engagement


How Well Do You Really Know Your Customers?


Do you know the trends and drivers shaping their business decisions? Do you know where they plan to invest three years from now? Do you know how to stay relevant so you can remain a preferred provider to them?


You can greatly improve your chances of succeeding in today’s overcrowded marketplace if you focus your efforts on addressing the business issues that face your customers 

A well-run executive customer experience program can be a highly effective tool to gain feedback on strategic priorities and company direction while solidifying relationships with top customers.  

Let us help you build effective: 

  • Customer Advisory Board Meetings (CAB) that impact your strategic growth
  • Executive Briefing Programs that accelerate sales and customer retention